Sharp launches Sharp AQUOS R3 with amazing Features and Specification


Sharp held a new press conference, with the theme of “Bold Play”, officially launched the flagship AQUOS R3, with a unique photographic lens, AI Live Story technology, users only need to take a video, AI Will automatically be responsible for editing, soundtrack, and even screenshot photos.

Feature 1: Positive Entity Fingerprint Identification

Compared with the flagship models on the market, the function of AQUOS R3 can be said to be quite unique. From the appearance, the front lens adopts the water drop screen scheme, and below, there is the physical fingerprint identification of “Goat Hu”, combined with the function of virtual Home button. . In the era of emphasizing the proportion of screens, positive fingerprints are still used. Sharp’s interpretation is based on the consideration of “convenience”. The fingerprints on the screen are still not accurate enough and fast. The unlocking speed brought by the frontal physical fingerprints is still the best at the current “convenience”. solution.

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Feature 2: 120 Hz  Pro IGZO screen

The AQUOS R3 is equipped with a 6.2-inch Sharp Pro IGZO screen, which is advertised as the 120Hz screen refresh rate of the e-sports. When playing games and screens, the smoothness of the visual inspection is quite comfortable. There are few freezes and afterimages to pull the menu. It will be more sliding. The picture performance is also above the standard. IGZO screen has a color rendering capability of 1 billion colors. Compared with the previous models, it only has 16.77 million colors, which can display fine and precise colors, and has 2 times the maximum brightness. It can also be clearly displayed under strong sunlight.

Feature 3: Special Photography Lens

The mainstream multi-lens of the flagship model is mostly equipped with a telescope head and a wide-angle lens. Sharp offers a special audio and video function in AQUOS R3. The rear camera is an F1.7 large-aperture lens with 12.2 million pixels dedicated to taking pictures. It is equipped with a 2010 megapixel, wide-angle lens for filming, electronic anti-shake, AI camera and other technologies. The self-timer camera is a 16.3 million pixel F2.0 lens.

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(Photo/Reporter Huang Yuxiang)

Feature 4: AI clip function

In response to the special photographic lens, AQUOS R3 puts forward the “AI Live Story” and “AI Live Shutter” functions, which can be used to give AI the slogan whether it is taking pictures or photography. AI Live Shutter allows users to take photos while they are recording, and pick a wonderful freeze screen. AI Live Story will concentrate more than 40 seconds of film into 15 seconds, and provide three modes of Standard/Fun/Relax. AI will help you choose the screen, editing, post-production, and soundtrack.

Specifications, listing information

In this press conference, Sharp constantly mentioned the word “convenience” and reflected the specifications of the AQUOS R3, such as retaining the memory card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, physical fingerprint recognition, and so on. The AQUOS R3 is powered by a Qualcomm S855 processor, 6GB of RAM/128 GB of storage, 3200 mAh of battery capacity, and an operating system of Android Pie. The official price is 22,990 yuan, and it is expected to be sold on August 21st.

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The AQUOS R3 is also optimized for heat dissipation in the body structure, and the official said it can reduce the surface temperature by 5 degrees. 

In addition, Sharp announced that it will launch AQUOS V in Taiwan. The selling point is the entry-level machine equipped with Qualcomm S835. It adopts a more traditional mobile phone model with a certain thickness of forehead and chin. It is equipped with a dual-lens camera and rear fingerprint identification. It is expected that this year will be the fourth quarter. The sale, official price, and time to market have not been made public.

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