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iVMega Pro Premium Blogger Theme

iVMega Pro Blogger Theme



If you love to have a blogger template that combines speed, flexibility, responsiveness, ads-friendliness and optimal SEO in one, iVMega Pro blogger template is designed for you.

Why Should You Use Our Themes? Because we make Blogger templates that are:

1. Built for SEO; traffic

Because we know that "pulling maximum traffic" to your blog is your number 1 priority, and as a blogger using the blogspot platform, you may be finding it difficult to gaining traffic to your blog, this is why we have taken the bull by the horn and made sure that every blogger template that we ever produce is fully SEO optimized and conforms with the most up-to-date standard SEO guidelines so that when you install our blogger template, you begin to enjoying steadily increasing traffic to your blog.

To further help you in achieving that goal; pulling traffic to your blogger blog, we also publish in our blog, simplified specific blogger blog SEO guidelines that would make Google love your blogger blog dearly.

2. Built for Profits

Either you are into AdSense, Affiliate marketing, you wish to selling items from your blogger blog or you simply want to start collecting donations from your loyal followers and readers, our blogger templates are built readily to fit comfortably fine regardless of how you wish to using it.

From on-page-load banners and ads widgets to payment processors (such as PayPal) or dynamic leads generation and subscribers widgets, our blogger templates are built preloaded with all the tools you will ever need to making profits blogging.

Just take a closer look into the manuals (illustrated PDF file) that is contained in all our template folders to discover how to setup each of the tools for your chosen theme.

3. Built for Speed

For blogs in these modern days, speed is not a factor to be comprised - this much we know and that is why we make sure all our blogger templates are up for the speed.

Don't take our words for it. Take our blogger themes for a ride instead and confirm the statement.

Even when you have AdSense Ads installed and being displayed (on all 8 spots available for AdSense) on our blogger templates, your blog loads extremely fast on our blogger themes.

Other reasons to have our blogger template installed on your blogger blog include:

4. Pro in feel

We don't just bring to table any design, while keeping our core values we ensure our blogger templates give your blogger blog a professional look and feel; one that's rarely found in blogger blogs.

Even at that, we keep our themes light and extremely friendly to search engines (such as Google) and your blog human visitors.

5. Updates frequency

Basically to improving our blogger templates SEO richness so that your blogger blog may always beat your blog search engines competitors and in the attempt; increasing your blog traffic, frequent updates to our blogger templates are made available at no extra costs to you.

These updates are made available to you and pushed to your theme Google Drive folder automatically.

6. Support services

Because we know that human wants are limitless and anything is achievable coding - just imagine it and we'll make it a reality.

For those users who want additional tools installed and enabled (or some less tools) on their blog, we have a near instant-response customer support service via e-mail or IM, Video Chat (for Premium subscribers).

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