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We accept Bitcoin payments here !

Orders paid for with Bitcoin are processed faster.

Learn why here

1. Payment is Sent Faster

Because Bitcoin is a borderless currency that can be exchanged and secured worldwide, payment sent with Bitcoin is processed and sent almost immediately.

2. It's Received Quicker

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that works within a decentralized network hence, since payment is sent within the same network, it is received quicker.

3. Cheaper Processing Fee

Because all Bitcoin transactions happen within the same native decentralized network, only a very minor transaction fee is involved per transaction.

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How to Pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Payment Address:



Copy Bitcoin Payment Address

Copy the Bitcoin payment address from above. Make sure you copy the entire line thus; from 3JJ..........LwQ.


Observe Total Cost

Also from the box above, observe and note down your Total Cost. That is the total amount due to be paid.


Open your Bitcoin Wallet

Open your Bitcoin wallet and locate the send / pay button. Then, send amount of your Total Cost to the Bitcoin Payment Address.


Confirm the Transactions

Check to confirm your transaction. Make sure the BTC / Bitcoin address displayed on your Bitcoin wallet is the same as the Bitcoin Payment Address copied from the step 1 above.


Make Payment

You are now set to make payment. Click the Send / Pay Now button to proceed and make the payment.


Screenshot / Get Referrence

For referrence purposes, take a screenshot of the transaction page / payment successful screen.

Now, to immediately get your order processed after payment;

mail us or chat us

Get ready to send us your payment page screenshot for verification.


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